BITE Lip Lab opens in New York

BITE’s Lip Lab has opened its doors at 174 Prince Street in Soho, New York. Here, customers will be able to come in and make a custom lipstick, or purchase any of our regular product including High Pigment Pencils, Luminous Crème Lipsticks, Honey Lip Lacquers and more. The patent-pending process of making custom lipsticks starts by combining different existing lipstick colours. You can try on mixes of different colours, and layer on more shades to alter the look. The process of making a lipstick takes about seven minutes, and involves melting down the different bullets of lipstick (they look like chocolate truffles!), adding a scent (cherry, violet, peppermint, or superfruit), pouring the mix into lipstick molds and allowing the formula the harden on a cold plate. It’s as simple at that! The store will be closing at the end of the summer for a complete re-design that will be more interactive and include “play-stations” for colour. So if you are looking for the perfect red for a night out, or a soft pink for your wedding day, stop by and make a custom colour that is just right for you!

Bite Beauty, 174 Prince Street, NYC, open from 11 AM – 7 PM, Tuesday-Saturday, 11 AM – 5PM Sunday. 646-484-6111